General Property Maintenance

If your property is need of emergency repairs or simply needs some refurbishing, we can be there toprovide local assistance and help to get the work done.We can advise on local, quality tradesmen and help get written estimates, which can then be forwarded to you at your home adress.

Simple repairs to fences, downpipes and guttering etc can be carried out and completed by service@service.

We simply act as a helping hand and only charge for the time we spend arranging for the work to bedone, or the time we spend at your property.

We can also carry out the regular cleaning of swimming pools.Annual servicing and any major repairs being carried out by a professional maintenance company.

Prices for servicing and repairs will be provided as appropriate and prior to any work being completed.

We'll keep you informed if any repairs are needed and arrange for quatations and repairs according to your instructions.